Winning Ideas

Come up with brilliant premium and promotional items, and what does it get you? The coveted Clio Award was awarded to Kamin & Associates, Inc. for a custom project for IBM Corporation. Since 1981, we've been offering our clients, both small and large, impactful, innovative, strategic solutions, from imprinted promotional products, ongoing programs and online company stores. By being creative with different innovative solutions, we will help you win new clients while helping you retain your existing ones. No matter what your budget or time frame, don't settle for just any old thing off the shelf. Call us. We'll come up with an idea for you, as good as gold.

Jeff Kamin

Jeff Kamin started in 1976 in what was known as the advertising specialty industry with his Dad, Milton. Milton was semi-retired and Jeff was fresh out of graduate school so they formed a partnership. This partnership lasted for 30 years until Milton passed away in 2006. Jeff has marketing, advertising and public relations experience through Journalism as an undergraduate and accounting in graduate school. Jeff is a Georgia Board member for The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, the Treasurer for the Atlanta Alumni Chapter of The Ohio State University and a member of the Board of Directors for The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

Jennifer Kamin Kulbersh

Jennifer Kamin Kulbersh graduated from Peace College in Raleigh, NC. As a college student she interned at a promotional advertising company in Raleigh which eventually turned into a job. The company in Raleigh was a great experience and helped her start learning the ropes of the business. After a year she had the opportunity to join the Kamin & Associates, Inc. team. This was very important to her since her father and grandfather started the company. Jennifer has been a part of Kamin & Associates, Inc. since 2005. She is extremely passionate about her job and especially taking care of her clients. In her spare time she loves teaching Pilates and hanging out with her husband Brian, their son Alec, daughters Peri & Josie and their dog Tucker.

Susan Verjano

Susan Verjano has been a part of the Kamin & Associates, Inc. team since 2010, but in the promotional advertising industry since 1995. She is bilingual in English and Spanish, a green belt in the Six Sigma program and loves to dabble in rudimentary graphics. A Miami native, she has made Atlanta her home. Outside of the office Sue enjoys arts & crafts and is extremely active in her Church. Although Sue is not related we consider her an integral part of the Kamin Team and of our family.

Cathie S. Smith, CAS

Cathie S. Smith, CAS – Cathie joined Kamin & Associates in 1993 and turned her creativity and reliability into a method to build strong, lasting client and supplier relationships. Cathie served for seven years on the board of SAAC, the regional professional organization for CA, where she became known as the Queen of Education. Her passion is providing ideas for companies to recognize the excellence of their people. Her motto is to win new business, to promote & educate, to thank and reward.

The Story Behind The Chop

In 1991, Jeff and his dad, Milton, designed the now infamous Tomahawk as part of a promotional campaign for an oil company. The slogan accompanying the prototype said, "Chop 'em and Take it to the Park."

The day they were attending a Braves game, they received a call from the manufacturer who had just produced a couple hundred of the Tomahawks. Jeff thought it would be great exposure to introduce the Tomahawk. Armed with about 30, Jeff and his dad set out to the game.

Once inside the stadium, they passed a few of the Tomahawks to the ushers, the players, managers and Play by Play analysts in the box.

Soon, the stadium was abuzz with people emulating the now-legendary Tomahawk Chop. As Jeff remembers, "…everybody out there was doing the Chop, "and next thing you know, the Braves Management were right next to us wanting to talk about doing multiple Tomahawk promotions; including fans receiving Braves logoed Tomahawks in the playoffs. That's how it started."

Jeff still has that very first prototype.

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